As a young medical student, I observed the inadequacies in the supply of materials needed in our health care facilities as many equipment are out of use, in addition to the poor understanding and awareness of the common illness and their prevailing worsened mortality and morbidity rates on yearly basis across the nation. 

I had always understood that the level of illiteracy among many Nigerians has contributed significantly to this menace and the effects are more pronounced among the children especially those below age 5. The agony experienced by parents that lose their child to these preventable diseases opened my eyes as a medical student to how no option or very few options were available for Nigerians. I see this as a challenge that can be addressed with our collective efforts. All of this is either directly or indirectly dependent on various social factors such as socio-economic class, culture, beliefs, geographical location, gender and of course level of education. It is non-debatable that women and girls face the greatest challenges and barriers to education, work and rights in Nigeria and across Africa.

The policies of ALPHACARES HEALTH FOUNDATION are informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Three and Six: Good Health and Wellbeing and Clean Water and Sanitation, respectively.  We advocate for improved health, education and individual empowerment on basic health information across Nigeria through a multi-layered strategy of research, advocacy, policy development, education, community engagement and private-public sector partnerships.

Through our A.E.E.R mantra “ADVOCACY. EDUCATION. ENGAGEMENT. REPORT”, we strategize our campaigns on health issues of public interest.

The advocacy policy is based on creating awareness through all means of communication: social media and one on one interaction with people on issues relating to their health and environment in general.

We educate the populace with our articles focusing on matters relating to health and health care management. We create DPs, banners and other visual aids to convey our messages to the people.

We don’t stop at the level of advocacy and education, we create assessment questions to know how much people gained from the advocacy and education strategies. Our assessment questions are simple and address the subject of discussion.

The last phase of our campaign is the feedback to the Government, Health care practitioners and the populace at large through comprehensive report of the engagement assessment. We make the report available to all concerned personnel via our social media handles and one on one engagement.

Due to personal experience with the Sickle Cell Warriors, I have created a corner specially for counselling of sickle cell warriors, their parents and prospective couples that seek advice on genotype compatibility free of charge. It’s my desire to see our Nation free of new Sickle Cell cases and adequate care for those already diagnosed sickle cell warriors. They deserve the best of care like every other person and even more. We should not see them as second-class citizens. They are our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

Strong people stand up for themselves while stronger people stand up for others, there is no higher religion than service to humanity. This is our motivation at ALPHACARES HEALTH FOUNDATION and I do hope you join us to improve our health care.



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